French glass-making expertise



A tradition of quality

Our workshops are located in France near Provins (120 km to the east of Paris). Our team helps design custom-made drawn glass vials in a range of sizes from
0.60 to 100 ml intended mainly for the Perfume, Cosmetics and Health & Beauty industries.
Our various workshops, one of which dates back over 75 years, are grouped together on a 2,800 m2 site, where we produce, decorate and package our vials.
We therefore have the required level of experience and production capacity to produce a wide range of products, offering high service and quality standards, and the flexibility required for production, with minimum runs of 5,000 products.
- 0.60 ml to 5 ml perfume sample vials with caps and atomisers, 
- 1.50 ml to 20 ml roll-on type vials,
- 3 ml to 100 ml
- custom-made screw neck or crimp neck vials,
- Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical droppers,
- Roll-on system, atomiser, caps for perfume samples,
- Decorative effects on glass: metallisation, frosting, ceramic enamel or organic screen printing,
- Decorative effects on plastic parts deep dyed, lacquered or metallised (Stoppers, Atomisers, Caps, Droppers, Roll-ons, etc.),
- Full Service offering including production and packaging of perfume samples.

The dimensions of our vials are shown on our “Volume Chart” (see over) in actual sizes, so you can see the shape and size of each vial (diameter and height).

Precise technical documentation is prepared for each order based on a specification, with controls carried out by our quality department.

Backed by our long history, broad experience and effective organisation, we are able to work with key customers in the business, in France and abroad. 


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