French glass-making expertise

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Dropper Type Vials

vta france compte gouttes pharmaceutiques et cosmétiques
Dropper vials

We offer a wide range of dropper vials for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industries.
Caps are produced to Pharmacie, PP, DIN, Europa and GCMI standards, in polypropylene or Thermodur.
The chosen material for the teat depends on its compatibility with the product concerned. Teats are made of PVC and natural or synthetic rubber (Nitril, Elastomer, Sentoprene, Thermoplastic).
The glass or plastic pipettes come in a variety of different shaped ends according to the type of delivery, the size of the droplet and the viscosity of the product.
Caps can be deep dyed, lacquered, metallised and tipped in gold or silver, etc.