French glass-making expertise

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From Production to Filling, Quality is essentialThe glass

For each item to be produced, diagrams with specified tolerances are submitted to the customer, and approved by our production and quality control teams.

Where applicable, samples are submitted for testing and final acceptance.

The decoration

Our basic vials are produced using transparent drawn glass.
We have a precise method of control for colours and the position of the screen print. We are very aware of the importance of how the finished product looks and take every possible care to achieve the best results. The colours we use are from the “PANTONE” catalogue.

The lacquering process consists of coating the glass vial in a precise layer of coloured lacquer with a variety of finishes, including a matt, shiny, frosted, graduated, iridescent or soft touch effect.

The metallisation process consists of applying a layer of coloured aluminium to the vial to obtain a shiny finish, particularly for gold and silver.

A screen print is then applied to the lacquered or metallised vial in accordance with the colour of the lacquer or metallic finish.

Closures like caps and tops are treated in the same way as the vials to obtain a uniform and harmonious finished product.

We work closely with our customer on all these operations as follows:

  • Production of glass samples,
  • Production of a colour sample,
  • Creation of a Proof with screen print colour sample,
  • Presentation of an acceptance range,
  • Production of a sample of industrial production with a customer and suppler range indicating the minimum, nominal and maximum colour,
  • After approval, production is scheduled.
  • Our control process is carried out at several levels by the production staff, with on-going controls and a final control by sampling by the quality control department on the basis of the Military Standard. 


Specializing in packaging samples perfumes for many years, we carry a full service for quantities of 5,000 to several million parts:

  • The manufacture of bottles and decor,
  • Receipt and control components
  • Packaging including filling, capping,
  • Placing on card or case, the codification of the batch number,
  • The canning of reunification and palletizing,
  • The final inspection and preparation of documents,
  • Shipping
All these operations are carried out in close liaison with the various departments of our customers.