French glass-making expertise

New - Le Ring de VTA-SOVER

Nouveau - le Ring de VTA France
We are introducing a new item to our range of drawn glass vials - The RING

We are able to reduce or increase the diameter of the vial.  These modifications give a modern and original look to these 1.7 ml to 15 ml models for perfume samples or Roll-On type vials.
These modifications do not change the decoration possibilities, such as lacquering, metallization or screen printing, for these articles.
In addition to offering a wider variety of shapes, this type of vial offers the advantage of being able to attach an accessory illustrating the product, or attaching a decorative advertising ribbon that can be connected to a card resembling the full-size product.
For Roll-Ons, it should be noted that a product that is easy to hold makes use much more comfortable and effective. 

Flacons échantillons Parfums
Accessoire de décoration

Exemples de flacons avec le Ring de VTA France
Accessoires de décoration

Voir la fiche Ring en PDF